Hello and welcome!

My name is Annette.  Welcome to my little blog about my life lived in books.

Unsurprisingly, I love to read.  I have loved reading for as long as I can remember.  This is despite coming from a house with few books and well-meaning parents who worried that my voracious book reading was somehow bad for my health.  I used to steal books from the school library because I was too young to check out the ones I wanted (apparently Babysitters Club, Goosebumps, and Sweet Valley High were not suitable for six year olds!).

The first book I ever really owned was a free book from a “Books in Homes” programme that used to run in low decile Schools (poor kids, basically).  I still remember being seven years old, combing through the pamphlet trying to find the book with the most pages so it would last longer.  The book was Tamora Pierce’s Wild Magic, and it is still one of my favourite books.  My experience as a child growing up in a home with few books is why I’m both a child sponsor and a supporter of the Duffy’s Books in Homes programme.

I am lucky to live in New Zealand on the East Coast. So obviously,  I love the beach.
I like to take my books on the road.  Kayaking this weekend? Bring a book in a ziplock bag! Work trip? Obviously I need a book so I bring four! Cousin’s baby shower… I wonder if anyone would mind if I brought a book (answer – yes, they do mind).  I believe in taking my reading out into the world!

This is not a fancy blog.  I swear with increasing frequency as I get older and can afford better wine, I read children’s books when I feel like it, I will read bad writing if the story is good, and I occasionally have unpopular opinions about wildly popular books (I’m looking at you Poisonwood Bible).

I like YA but I have been known to read slightly more intellectually challenging literature when the mood
takes me; and I am too busy catching up on the last 500 years of literature to concern myself with reviewing the latest New York Times bestseller.

My other loves are art, good food, beaches and perfume. Thanks so much for stopping by!