Review Policy

Hi! And thanks for checking out my review policy.

All my reviews are completely honest and 100% my own opinion irrespective of where the book has come from.

Please note that I accept books for coverage consideration only. I do not guarantee a review. Coverage consideration is for this blog, goodreads, my social media channels, and any other online or print publication I choose to submit my work to.

How coverage works: 

I usually finish 4-5 books each month. Of these…

  • I mention every single book I read and receive in either my monthly wrap-ups or a book haul post
  • I select 3-4 books to cover in-depth. These books are featured in their own dedicated post.
  • I rate all the books I read on Goodreads, which get posted to my Facebook page, and mention them on other social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

If you wish to guarantee a particular type of coverage or coverage at a specific time, you may want to consider hiring me to write a sponsored book review or article.

I will respond to review requests but I reserve the right to turn down the book for review.  I also reserve the right to not finish the book if it does not interest me.

I do not own an e-reader so I can not review ebooks.

I will not critique or edit your unpublished manuscript.

I am not obligated to review any book I request or receive. 

Genres I Like: I will read most things except erotica, bodice rippers/romance, cookbooks, and religious non-fiction.

I will consider children’s books in Maori or English but I’m likely to give the book to a child to review so be prepared for the kind of brutal honesty that only a child can provide!

I will read Romance in the style of Pride and Prejudice, Marian Keyes, The Notebook etc.  I will not read Romance in the style of Mills and Boon, 50 Shades, or pretty much any book with half naked men on the cover.

I am especially interested in Sci-fi and fantasy (both adult and YA), essays and short stories, literary fiction, thrillers, feminist literature, Indigenous authors and stories (particularly Maori), retellings of old classics, women’s fiction, graphic novels, and New Zealand and Australian authors.

Series: I do not read series out of sequence. If you ask me to read a book in a series that I have not read previously, I ask that you provide copies of any preceding books. I am selective about which series I commit to.

Unsolicited Books: I am very open to receiving unsolicited books that meet my review requirements. I don’t promise to read or review unsolicited books, but I do include them in my monthly post and sometimes feature them on social media.

If you wish to work with me please contact me here: