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Happy Birthday Queenie!

It is Queen’s Birthday Weekend and I’m in the mood for a bit of fun!  I decided to create my own little book challenge centred around the British Royal Family.

This is a bit of lighthearted fun in appreciation of the Royal Family.  It’s always tricky when you’re talking about real people.  Please don’t take this too seriously.

The Queen Mother

The War Queen.  Adolf Hitler called her the most dangerous woman in Europe because he viewed her popularity as a threat to German interests.

{A book with a dangerous woman}

A popular female leader in the fight against fascism? Let’s just hand this one to Katniss Everdeen in Mockingjay.


Queen Elizabeth II

(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

{A classic book that is still popular today}

I was considering The Handmaid’s Tale given its recent resurgence but I didn’t think a novel about female enslavement was appropriate.  Instead I chose Pride and Prejudice.  This book is often quoted as a favourite classic and it has been adapted and retold so many times because the story is timeless.


Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip is noted for his tendency to just blurt out whatever he’s thinking.  A bit tactless but he’s a lovable chap.

{A minor character who speaks their mind} 

The Fool in King Lear.  I mean this in the best of ways.  The fool was always my favourite character because he was just so clever and honest.  King Lear’s fool is a bit reckless with his words but gets away with it because of his wit and his position.  He sees through the bullshit and doesn’t mind commenting on it.


Prince Charles

A lover of the environment, a philanthropist, and a champion of alternative medicine.  Prince Charles is the family hippie.

{A book for the environmentalist}

The Lorax – Dr Seuss

Princess Diana

{The tragic character that deserved better}

Primrose Everdeen from The Hunger Games series.  Do I even need to explain this?


Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla gets a lot of flak, mainly because everyone compares her to the beautiful and likeable Diana.  I like her though.  She’s a good match for Charles.

{The mistress who got her man in the end}

Anna Watson, Girl on the Train.  Anna started sleeping with Tom while he was still married and took pleasure in being the “other woman.”  She’s happy and contented when she is finally made “the wife.”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Beautiful, popular, perfect, and destined to be Queen.

{Female character who is just too perfect}

Karou – Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

I thought Karou was just too perfect – beautiful, martial arts expert, powerful, magical, artist, boys falling at her feet.  Did this girl have a single flaw??

Prince William

{Everyone’s favourite Prince}

Adam, Good Omens.  Sure, Adam is the son of Satan and the Prince of Darkness, but he’s a good kid.


Prince Harry

{The under-appreciated minor character}

Death in The Sandman (Neil Gaiman).  Bear with me here.  Death was an incredibly likeable character who was overshadowed by her brother in the Sandman graphic novels, but who eventually broke out and got her own books which were arguably better than the original.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie

The Royal siblings most likely to get picked on by the tabloids for the way they dress, look or act.  I love these two.  How many other Royals are as daring in their clothing choices or can lay claim to accidentally taking a chunk out of Ed Sheeran’s face?

{Favourite literary siblings that are not main characters}

The Burgess sisters, Tara and Lainie – The Night Circus.  Because they were just that little bit eccentric, they were two of the original creators of the circus, and the funeral scene has always stuck firmly in my head.


Prince George

{A book fit for a little Prince and future king}

Where the Wild Things Are – Maurice Sendak

And that’s it! I hope you liked this little book challenge.  For those of you that reside in the Commonwealth, have a great and safe long weekend!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Queenie!

  1. Awesome tag! Love your picks too. 🙂 I got a kick out of Prince Charles as the hippie of the family. And good call on Katniss and Primrose. The Princesses kinda cracked me up too lol.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. The modern Royals are an interesting and eclectic bunch. I’m not a Royalist exactly but I do like them.

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