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Book recommendations for my fellow Slytherins!!

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After a pretty heavy month of reading, I feel like it’s time for a bit of light-hearted fun don’t you?

I first got this idea from A Clockwork Reader on Youtube.  Although I understand that others have also done this on their Booktube channels, Hannah’s is my favourite!

Over Easter, Sky TV had a Harry Potter channel – that’s every Harry Potter movie playing consecutively for a whole weekend!  So obviously, a binge session was required.  My cousin and I opted out of drinks with the rest of the family and settled in with some indian food to watch several glorious hours of Harry Potter.

My cousin mentioned that she had taken the Pottermore test and been sorted into Gryffindor and asked if I had taken the test to see which house I would be in.  Jokingly, I said I hadn’t but that knowing my personality I would probably be a Slytherin.

Well, turns out I was right! And I’m not mad – I mean, Merlin was a Slytherin! You can’t get a better role model than that.

So in honour of my Hogwarts House, and because I need a bit of fun this morning, here are six book recommendations for fellow Slytherins!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor

Hannah actually recommended this as a book for Gryffindors and I felt pretty confused.  The main character references a couple of times how the only way to obtain the teeth that her mentor collects is through death or pain.  But those teeth are needed for the protection of the “monsters” that Laini loves.  Add to that the cunning of war and the big question of who the real bad guys are (or rather, whether there are any good guys), and you’ve got a pretty Slytherin-esque book.


The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

This book is mentioned in every Slytherin list I’ve ever come across so I’m on pretty safe ground here.  Celia Bowen and Marco Alisdair are two magicians whose fathers/mentors have locked them into a battle that must claim one of them.  The contest will appeal to cunning Slytherins, as will the morally dubious characters around the two main characters.  Plus, it’s just a brilliant book!



Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

For those who can respect a well thought out and executed revenge plot even in the face of moral bankruptcy – Amy Dunne is your girl!  If Amy was in Hogwarts she wouldn’t just be a Slytherin.  She’d be the Dark Lord’s successor!  This book is teeming with cunning and manipulation of the highest order.  Amy is ruthless, her husband is gormless.  Amy’s actions are always predicated on the idea of what she thinks is justified for perceived slights against her; and she always comes out on top!  She is thoroughly unlikeable, but you can’t help admiring her conviction.




Good Omens – Neil Gaiman

A demon who is best friends with an angel – neither of whom is looking forward to the coming rapture.  A boy who is the son of satan but actually just wants to hang out with his friends.  A hell hound with a turned out ear and a wagging tale. And a totally inept witch hunter.  Good Omens turns traditional images of heaven and hell inside out.  Cleverly written, it’s based on characters who defy the roles they were “born” to play.  Defiant Slytherins will love it!


Tales of the Unexpected – Roald Dahl

From a devoted wife who kills her cheating husband with a leg of lamb then cooks and serves the lamb to the police who come to investigate; to the harassed house wife who leaves her husband trapped in a lift for weeks.  This collection of short stories is filled with delightful tales of comeuppance that will impress any Slytherin reader.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Roald Dahl’s adult fiction, I highly recommend checking it out.


Thoughts? Do you have another book in mind that just screams “SLYTHERIN”?  Am I too old for this foolishness?

2 thoughts on “Book recommendations for my fellow Slytherins!!

  1. Ahh I love this because I’m a Slytherin too! *hi fives* Also omg I LOVE Good Omens. It’s hysterical and perfect and Crowley is just the best demon of ever. 😂 Plus I really need to read The Night Circus…even more now since it has a Slytherin stamp of approval!

    1. Ah Crowley – my first ever demon crush! Definitely read The Night Circus if you can fit it in. It’s a fabulous book and so descriptive you can almost smell the Circus around you!

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