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May 2017 TBR

Totally unrelated but, I just watched a couple of scenes of David Tennant and Catherine Tate performing Much Ado about Nothing.  Oh my heart! I don’t know if it was their exceptional acting or seeing my Doctor and Donna together again but now I NEED to see the whole play or my life will never be complete! OK,… Read More May 2017 TBR

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Book Review: The Wish Child – Catherine Chidgey

“It’s 1939. Two children watch as their parents become immersed in the puzzling mechanisms of power. Sieglinde lives in the affluent ignorance of middle-class Berlin, her father a censor who cuts prohibited words such as love and mercy out of books. Erich is an only child living a rural life near Leipzig, tending beehives, aware that he is shadowed… Read More Book Review: The Wish Child – Catherine Chidgey